Currently there´s a deep concern in our Society, Businesses, and Public Administrations for environment, reducing pollution and looking after our planet. Environmental certifications, validations and verifications differentiate those organizations who are care for the footprint and impact on their surroundings, proving their environmental compromise. In a competitive business world, where multinational interaction is essential for economic growth, it´s basic to have all your environmental documentation correctly translated: Global Environmental Management System, Waste Classification and Disposal, Environmental Impact Certification, Acoustic and Light Pollution, CO2 Footprint, Energy Efficiency Management, etc.2

ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems, which allows your organization to identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks.

ISO 14001 Certification offers a large range of benefits for your business:

- Cost reduction through a more efficient use of raw materials.
- Provides a faster and more efficient way to comply with legal requirements and the management of your company´s environmental risks.
- Improves your organization´s reputation. You offer a better public image to your clients, legal organizations and business partners.
- Increases your competitive advantage. All organizations want to work with companies that have as focal point respect and care for environment.
- Makes easier the integration with other management system standards.

An exact translation of procedures and environmental certifications is essential in offering a competitive, as much as a concerned with the planet´s future, company image. Every business organization has its own distinctive features; this is why we work together with our clients, visiting his facilities and holding meetings to guarantee the exact translation of his processes and needs.

Make L2T your partner in presenting your environmental commitment to others.