In a globalized and strongly competitive world, having a good product is not enough: we have to acquire the knowledge to reach the final client. Logistics is key in a company´s growth with farsightedness, therefore at L2T we count with a logistic consultancy team with an extensive international experience. An accurate translation of planification and management tasks, warehousing, and delivery meeting the required standards will allow to highlight your company´s competitiveness, as the exact translation of your logistic processes is key for guaranteeing your international growth.

The structuring of a logistic process must have clearly developed the five key operations that constitute a correct logistic system: Purchasing, Client Service, Stock Management, Warehousing and Transport. Our teams of native expert translators allow us to deliver reliable, exact and top-quality translations of the complete logistic process:

  • Purchasing planification, supplier selection, purchasing process and control.
  • Close connection with the client to assure the correct reception of his purchase order on-time and in the agreed place.
  • Safe-keeping and inventory of supplies, production management.
  • Correct warehousing of raw material (control of min/max) and of finished product (FIFO)
  • Choosing the best transport mean so the finished product reaches the final client on-time and in the agreed form (OTIF/NOTIF).

We work in close contact with our clients in order to reflect accurately all his organization´s strength, as an exact translation of a business´s logistic processes is key in guaranteeing its growth to new markets. Our translators, who are international consultants with deep knowledge of foreign markets, will assist you through all the logistic process, thus allowing significant costs reductions in time and resources.

Our clients rely on L2T for the translation of their SCM (Supply Chain Management) System expanding their business to international markets.