An enormous number of investigation and divulgation papers are published every day. As UNESCO affirms, the essential aim of scientific papers is to communicate the results of investigations, ideas and discussions in a clear, concise and reliable way; publishing is inherent to scientific work. Our team of native translators, specialized in different scientific areas allows us to offer a highly professional translation and independent revision service, with very demanding quality standards, for scientific, technological, educational, pedagogic, didactic, investigation and divulgation papers for their publication in specialized media. L2T has an extensive experience in this field and we are aware of its distinctive features. Therefore, we offer a Non Disclosure Agreement for those clients who require it, that binds us through all the translation project.   

Scientific trials must be carefully written to express in a clear and concise way what is intended to communicate, and must include essential bibliographic quotations and references to contextualize, justify and verify the background and ideas or previous data contained in the article. The content must also expose all the necessary information in order to reproduce the original results. Therefore, it´s key that the translation of scientific papers not only be as accurate as possible, but it must also keep a certain common structure to all publications of these kind and comply with the publisher´s rules:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Method and Materials
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Bibliography

At L2T we count on native translators with an extensive experience in translating scientific articles and papers for delivering exact, clear and reliable translations, but we also advise on the form and style of the text through our editing and proof-reading independent department.

We are aware of the peculiarities of these kind of projects. Therefore we offer a Non Disclosure Agreement to those clients who ask for it, which binds us through all the translation and publishing process of your article.

Trust L2T as your partner for reaching your professional or academic goals.