Choose L2T as your translation agency: the birth of the first commercial flights last century, made people wish to visit and discover the world Thanks to this important achievment, tourism as we know it today, appeared. Before this, humankind´s knowledge was limited to experience it´s surroundings, in a more local and restricted way. But it would all change forever.

The Earth turned smaller, and people could satisfy thier desire to discover the world. Today, with the boom of new technology, logistics have greatly improved and now buying an article and receiving from the other side of the world within 2 days is not a problem anymore.

Our world has become small and interconnected, and English has become the universal language everywhere. If you own a business, it´s time for this question: Is your company ready to achieve international markets in this increasingly globalized world? We are going to explain here why you need us. 

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L2T translates your web

Your company needs to make known it´s business, and thanks to Internet, you can show it as in a shopfront that everyone can see. Let´s start with something as basic as your web page. Is your web page translated to different languages? At L2T we count with native professionals in different areas: medicine, logistics, environment, etc. A web page in several languages guarantees to reach everyone, thus increasing your strategic sale goals.

But in a such advanced world not all is digital and every year the companies print rivers of ink in redacting important reports, publications and documentation. Our team of professional translators not only deliver high quality translations, but also are committed with dead lines and absolute confidenciality and security of your documents.

A bad translation can get you away from success 

Don´t leave your company´s information and documents in an online machine or unexperienced personal´s hands. A correct translation can position you in the first places when searching in Google, but if it has errors, Googles´s new algorithm called Colibri, will lower your position and your company will be less visible.

A correct translation must be committed with the spirit, the tone and the approach of the original text, in order to generate identical impact and transmit all the aspects. Don´t hesitate in counting on us and our highly qualified team. At L2T we take your business to another level. Send an email to or call +34-647-915-859 for more information. We will help you. o llámanos al: 647 915 859, te informamos, te ayudamos.