Businesses are aware today of the advantages of achieving internationally recognized Quality Certifications. But a quality control system is not only a certificate, it must be fully understood by all company members. This commitment with Quality also must stand clear for other companies and public administrations. A Quality Management system is a management model that allows us to assure in a consistent way performance improvement and the efficiency of organizations, based on process planification, control and improvement, compliance of product/service requirements, client satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Therefore, a correct translation of all steps of a quality control system implementation is key for achieving it´s success. In an increasing way, businesses have to face profitability, quality and technology demands that contribute to sustainable development. An effective management system can contribute to transform these pressures in competitive advantages.

Our clients

We work with companies of a variety of sectors: agri-food, fresh and packed food handling, packaging manufacturing, construction, engineering, finished product export, documentation management, etc. At L2T you will find translations of your company´s quality procedures, systems and certifications to stand out in international markets. Whether if we talk about well known quality control systems like ISO, or more specific ones depending on the business area, like HACCP, BRC, World Class Performance, etc. you can count on L2T.

You can trust the professionality of L2T´s translator teams to obtain accurate and expert translations of your Quality Certifications to show your best corporate image to international organizations, conventions, meetings and other companies.